Shifting my clarities (opheliablue) wrote in ieatmenlikeair,
Shifting my clarities

SP reading 'Fever 103' and 'Black Rook In Rainy Weather'

Time for more of the SP recordings - again, they're only available at YouSendIt for 7 days and they can only be downloaded 100 times. If anyone can't get them because they've expired by the time you see the links, let me know. I can either reupload them or email them. Or if anyone wants the whole thing on CD, I can make a copy and send it if you email me your snail mail address. It's very difficult to get the tape now because it's not being made anymore - so when it shows up on eBay etc. it's usually at a ridiculous price.

Fever 103

Black Rook In Rainy Weather
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