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Hello All!

It was my birthday last week and as a present, I flew over to Manchester and some friends and I took a road-trip to Heptonstall to see Sylvia Plath's grave. We read "Tulips" (my favourite poem) by the graveside and I left the little purple pot of flowers. Made me feel very sad to see the grave, sitting all alone in a country Sylvia wasn't born in. Made me wish she had been buried at home in America, at least then her Mum could have tended to the grave. Even though I've studied her and read so much about her, seeing the grave there in reality really hit home the tragedy of her life.

The Church at Heptonstall, beside the graveyard in which Sylvia is buried.

The graveyard itself. Although it was a beautiful day, I could imagine it would be very lonely and cold and dark in the winter.

Her grave.

The town itself. There was only one street and non-resident cars had to park outside the village. Very quaint - we all stuck out like sore thumbs! For anyone who would want to travel to the grave, the town of Hebden Bridge is about 1/4 of a mile from Heptonstall and is much bigger, with a lot more places for accommodation, food, etc. So it definitely is do-able if you are coming from far away and want to visit Plath's grave :)

The church is in the background.

View from the top of the town. Very high up!

More photos in my flickr set - http://www.flickr.com/photos/plathfan/sets/72157615795943913/

I'm willing to answer and help with and questions about location, accommodation, what it was really like etc.
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