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SP Reading 'Purdah' and 'A Birthday Present'

Hi everyone - very glad to be part of the community - thank you deaddoloreshaze for making me a co-moderator.

A while ago I said that I had the SP 'Voice of the Poet' on CD now and that I'd upload it and post it in bits here. YouSendIt doesn't seem to be working at the moment so I tried a different way of uploading them and linking to them. I don't know if it'll work or not - I hope so! If it does, it'll be much easier to upload the rest of the CD and YouSendIt only allows 100 downloads, whereas if it works this way, there shouldn't be a limit to it. Anyway, please let me know if it doesn't work (or if it does!)

This post has a list of all the poems that are on the CD - I posted 'Point Shirley' and 'Ariel' in this post.

It seems to be getting almost impossible to get this tape now unless you come across it on eBay and then it's usually selling for way over what it would cost, because it's not being made anymore. If anyone wants one of the poems/some of the poems on mp3 by email, please feel free to email me at and let me know which one/s you want and I'll send them to you. Or if anyone would like the whole thing, I can make copies of the CD and send them if you email me your address. If these links work, though, I'll do them all like that because then anyone who wants to can save the readings on their computer.

If you click on the link, it *should* take you to another page where a box'll come up giving you the option to save the poem to disk.

A Birthday Present

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